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Hobé | Sapphire Snow Flake Brooch
. . . . Lovely!


This is such a pretty brooch with Montana blue and light sapphire marquise rhinestones that are truly striking. The frame is multi-layered in what could be described as a floral motif or the shape of a snowflake. You almost expect the crystal baguettes to begin spinning. I don't know how many of you went to the Fair Park as a child, but we did and there was a ride called the "Tea Cup". For some odd reason this multilevel ride with spinning cups came to mind. The rhodium plated back bears the designers signature cartouche with a rollover safety catch closure. About half of the crystal baguettes are showing a bit of age (please enlarge photos).

Brooch — Approximately 2 ½" in wide (at widest point) .



Jacques Hobé Jewelry History —

The Hobé Company was founded in 1887 in Paris, France by Jacques Hobe, a master craftsman who was jeweler to the French court. Following technological advances in mass-production introduced during the Industrial Revolution, Hobé's descendants manufactured costume jewelry. His grandson William Hobe immigrated to New York City in the mid 1920's and established Hobe

Hobe studied the history of previous jewelry in the European courts. His signature filigree metal work was romantic and his large, deep colored cabochons, portrait enamels, and pearls gave the desired "royal" feel. William registered more than 100 patents for jewelry designs and sometimes created his jewelry pieces personally, by hand, using sterling, 14K gold, and semi-precious gemstones. What set Hobe apart from his contemporaries was that he was one of a very few designers who used a great deal of good quality semi-precious stones, and its usage of gold and silver plated settings. William Hobe is best known for floral pins set with precious stones in the shape of large bouquets.

Highly regarded by their peers through four generations of Old World craftsmen, The Hobé family has been providing stunning imaginative designs to the public since Jacques Hobé supplied costume jewelry with a "fine jewelry" look for the Parisienne social set of 1887. The subsequent years offered only the finest in costume pieces in a wide collection of versatile designs—each line standing apart from the last.

In its long history, Hobé always was focused on unique designs and high quality. They maintained their upscale image, keeping prices and distribution on the high-end. The original, family run Hobé Company stopped producing jewelry in the early 1990s, however, a Hobé company exists that still produces jewelry marked as Hobé.

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